Our Journey:

From Passion to Innovation

About Us

Based in Santa Cruz, California, we specialize in crafting sustainable surfboards using innovative 3D printing techniques and recycled materials. Our mission is to provide surfers with high-performance boards while reducing our ecological footprint and promoting circular economy principles. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability, ensuring every wave ridden is a step towards a better future.


Surfer's Dream Meets Engineering Brilliance

Our story starts with Patricio, a robotic engineer with an impressive stint at Disney, whose heart belonged to the waves. Surfing since his teenage years in Santa Monica, and later in Newport Beach while studying at UC Irvine, the ocean was his true calling. It was during these formative university years that Patricio crossed paths with Nathan, a fellow engineering enthusiast, and Pol, a creative spirit from Barcelona studying marketing while shaping surfboards. Together, they dreamed of a venture that would contribute positively to the community.

A New Chapter in Santa Cruz

Leaving behind the stress of LA and the corporate world, Patricio relocated to Santa Cruz. His garage became his workshop, a creative sanctuary where he built art pieces and furniture using a custom 3D printer and a CNC machine he designed and assembled. But it was his attempt to 3D print a surfboard that marked a turning point.

The initial attempt was rough and not quite surfable, leading him to reach out to Pol for his shaping expertise. Pol’s design, sent across the seas, was printed in two halves due to size constraints but the outcome was promising – sturdy, if a bit heavy.


Born from Innovation and Community Spirit

This experiment sparked an idea, and soon, Swellcycle was born. Patricio, Nathan, and Pol came together,
combining their skills in engineering, logistics, and surfboard design. They began their venture in Patricio's garage, driven by a vision to contribute to the surfing community. Recognizing the environmental impact of traditional surfboard manufacturing, they committed to sustainable practices, focusing on recycled materials and circularity in production.


From Garage to Facility

What started with surf sessions and relentless hard work led to the creation of a larger 3D printer, capable of crafting boards up to 7 feet long in one piece. Encouraged by positive feedback and support, the team moved out of the garage and into a dedicated facility. They now create surfboards with printers that can handle up to 10 feet, pushing the boundaries of surfboard manufacturing.


At Swellcycle, we’re more than just surfboard makers. We’re pioneers in sustainable innovation, dedicated to reducing the ecological footprint of surfboard production. Our journey from a humble garage to a state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and community spirit. We believe in the power of change, and through Swellcycle, we’re making waves in the industry, one sustainable board at a time.

Our Team


Patricio Guerrero


Nathan Jackrazi


Pol Riera

Creative Director

Together, we're committed to creating eco-friendly surfboards that not only perform well in the water but also help protect our planet. From using 3D printing technology to recycled materials, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sustainable surfboard production.

We believe that everyone can make a difference, and we're proud to do our part by creating high-quality, eco-friendly surfboards that are built to have fun.

Join us on our mission to rethink the surf industry and protect the ocean and our planet for generations to come!


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