Revolutionizing surfing through

advanced manufacturing and recycled materials.

Shape Philosophy

A surfboard is more than equipment; it's a bridge connecting surfers to waves, capturing the rhythm of the sea. At Swellcycle, our designs reflect this connection, emphasizing joy, camaraderie, and the pure thrill of riding. Our philosophy is rooted not in competition, but in prolonging those special moments of flow and exploration. We achieve this by focusing on creating easy to paddle boards to extract the most out of each session.

The Process

At Swellcycle, each surfboard starts its journey as a meticulously crafted computer design. Utilizing our inhouse built 3D printing technology, we're able to manifest intricate designs and features that traditional shaping can't achieve, pushing the boundaries of innovation in surfboard manufacturing. Following the printing process, each board undergoes a glassing phase where it's coated with a sustainable, bio-based resin. This step improves the durability of the board and makes the board water tight. All of our boards are hand sanded by local glassers to finish the process off.