Welcome to Swellcycle

We are passionate about surfing and sustainability. Four dedicated individuals who share a vision of making a positive impact on the environment through our surfboards. Our team consists of an engineer inventor specialized in 3D printing, an engineer focused on operations, a graphic designer/surfboard shaper, and a pro-surfer entrepreneur.
  • Patricio Guerrero


  • Nathan Jackrazi


  • Pol Riera


  • Tyler Fox

    Business Dev

Together, we're committed to creating eco-friendly surfboards that not only perform well in the water but also help protect our planet. From using 3D printing technology to recycled materials, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sustainable surfboard production.

We believe that everyone can make a difference, and we're proud to do our part by creating high-quality, eco-friendly surfboards that are built to have fun.

Join us on our mission to preserve and protect the ocean and our planet for generations to come!